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Weebles Wobble

Whew! The trip all over the country in about 36-hours of BooMama’s Tour of Homes has made me tired! I’ve enjoyed peeking into everyone’s homes. Ya’ll are some decorating women for sure! Lots of beautiful homes and ideas! I enjoyed everything. 

One of my favorite things to see was everyone’s nativity scenes. I’m particularly intrigued because until Sunday afternoon I didn’t even own the first piece of a nativity set. True. Now how did that happen? All I can say is I can be a little picky about nativity scenes….or it’s more like I have champagne taste on a beer budget. I don’t even like beer, but here I am digressing… AGAIN!

So, anyway. Sunday SB and I went down to help his mother host a luncheon for her Sunday School class. It was a very nice lunch and I learned that my husband DOES know how to wash and dry dishes. Who knew? I mean, nothing like getting things done for “mama”, right? Never mind that my dishwasher is on its last cycles of splishing and a-splashing our dishes and I’m resorting to washing most things by hand these days at our house. But who am I to complain? I’m just happy the pipes aren’t gurgling tonight, which means the Roto Rooter dude (aka, SB with a piece of equipment that has a rolled up wire coil slushing around in the area of the septic tank) will have a big job as soon as it stops raining.

So anyway, after everyone left on Sunday, my mother-in-love invited me down to the basement for some bargain shopping, which means I totally get to go down and find some really great treasures FOR FREE! I ended up with about 3 boxes of ornaments, an antique drying rack, a 1930’s Christmas light set in this cute little box (SCORE!), a bag of pecans from the freezer, and a few other odds and ends. It’s enough to make a bargain shopper swoon with sheer delight at some of the things I brought home.  But my prized possession is the beginning of a nativity set that is the Fontanini brand. I’m really excited and in full hopes of adding to it. 

I was almost as excited about my “new” nativity set as I was to see the one in someone’s house that was kinda like the Fisher Price people but reminded me of one of my favorite toys as a child – the Weebles.

Everyone, sing along with me, “Weebles wobble but they won’t fall down!”


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