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Edited Note: Um… I just realized I forgot to actually LINK this to BooMama’s site yesterday! So I’ll wait to add another blog for another day – just in case I get some people popping over!! Honestly. I wonder about myself at times!

It’s my first time to be on the BooMama’s Tour of Homes. And I’m kinda excited. I took all my pictures last night. But waited until this morning to post. Why? Because well, I just did. But it looks like I”ll be something posting #300-something and I like high numbers!!!  So here goes: Welcome to our 5-Acre Woods -inside the home, of course, because nothing screams lack of Christmas cheer like a bunch of leaves that haven’t been blown yet!  I’ll spare you the details.  It’s quite embarrassing. Enjoy my little rendition of the tour.  I’m posting a favorite recipe of December Cider later – so maybe you’ll come back for a visit!

‘Twas the nights before Christmas and I worked through rains and fogs

to make our home look like the Season and didn’t even disturb the dogs.


The greenery how cheery, the deer at peace….


But the manger scene is missing the Holy Family – good grief!


But what to my wondering eyes should appear?

A Christmas rabbit rug – Oh, please watch your step, dear!


Your eyes how they’ll twinkle, your lips how it will smile

when you notice our collection of Byers’ Choice Carolers – they’ll welcome you for awhile.


Fall into our pillows with a cup of hot tea,


You might even watch a Christmas movie with glee.


Over our bed we wouldn’t know what to do…

without our sign to protect us, “Angels Watching Over You.”


But the best part of this Christmas tour of my home

is the tree full of ornaments, ribbons and lights that are shown.


Merry Christmas, from our home to yours.



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