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There’s an unspoken joy about people who share in the gifts of 1) remembering lines from a favorite movie or two or three and 2) reciting those lines in any given moment of life’s bounty, and 3) it’s even better when you’re together and you both just bust out with the same line and the same time for the perfect occasion.

I have two people in my life who share an appreciation for and an art for being available for quoting movie lines from two of the all time greatest chick flicks: Steel Magnolias and Pretty Woman (whoop, whoop, whoop). So I want to give a shout out to Tater Mama and my mama for plenty of laughs, snorts, laughs at ourselves!

SB totally gets this about me and he’s even learned to keep his eyes from rolling too far up and back in his head when he walks through and either of said movies are on the tv for the 786th time – in the same weekend!  But I have to say, without my total dedication to memorizing those lines for such a time that dictates this necessity, I would have (and now you all would have) missed out on the opportunity of a lifetime to see it in real time.

Here’s the set up. We went to eat at a hibachi grill with some friends and outside the restaurant was a nice little water feature.  In a moment of complete humiliation to me, SB jumped up onto the water fountain to have his picture made and this is what I captured:


So when SB realized something had gone terribly wrong… oh so terribly wrong, he jumped off and you can see for yourself what one great movie line can do in a moment’s notice.  Everyone… say it with me:


“It was so good, I almost peed in my pants!”  I love my man. Truly, I do.


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