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“Rudolph got ran over by a Grandma…hanging out in our yard the other night…”

I’m so blessed to be married to SB. He’s a wonderful decorator of the backyard, of sorts. We have a couple of deer stands hanging in some of our trees – for target practice only, mind you.  You see, he likes to bowhunt – ANYTHING – so we have nothing short of a Cabela’s catalog hanging around our house and in our backyard. If you ever need to see a bow target such as a deer or turkey, up close and personal, feel free to come on over.

For a couple of years now, we’ve had this lifelike deer target standing among a few of our trees. And he’s had his fair share of arrows thrown his way.  And you know, he’s weathered a lot of thunderstorms and squirrels running to and fro around him. In fact, about 3 days ago, I walked right by him in his upright self while I was chasing walking Sadie in the backyard, and thought, “I can’t believe this thing is still in this great of condition.”

The next morning, as I looked out at all the rain coming down, I noticed the deer wasn’t there – or at least I didn’t see him.  Then I looked harder and realized, the deer target was in a pile. On the ground. In several pieces.  And I thought, “Oh my. What in the world happened?”

Here’s what I saw:


I’m hoping Rudolph doesn’t get cold feet about visiting our home this year. ‘Cause I’m pretty sure the rest of the reindeer would have his back if he was unfortunately met with the bully deer that wreaked havoc in our yard the other night.

Fa la la la la!!!


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Don’t you just love it when the trendsetters and stylists of our times deem some piece of clothing or shoe or scarf or purse or jewelry the “it” thing?! It’s as if they themselves invented the style and by any stretch of the imagination, persuaded the rest of the worldly culture to “buy in” to it. 

I’m talking about the Audrey Hepburn style (which I completely adore) or the plaid jackets circa 1985 that have recently graced the covers of magazines.  Oh there are others…the platform shoe, the go-go boot, etc, etc…. what goes around, comes around, people, in terms of style and design and that includes undergarments.

I was introduced to the Spanx product line a couple of years ago.  And let me tell you, it is a miracle worker for smoothing out the bumps and lumps under dresses, pants, skirts, tops, just about anything you wear…. And ya’ll, I am a marketer and PR person by nature and practice, and I do love the name SPANX…but… it is afterall, a more modern name for “GIRDLE”.  That’s just the way it is.  We’re wearing them, ladies, like it or not!

So SPANX is to girdle as bra is to brassiere.  And I’ve had to explain to SB that what we wear on our legs nowadays are tights and leggings – NOT “leotards” – as he keeps repeating.  But this is also the man who once told me he worked in a cuticle (but meant cubicle). And he tells everyone we “courted” for four years before we married.  I wish he’d quit saying that because I think some people think I’m being sued!  Oh I am joking.

I love that about him.

And I love SPANX…er…the new girdle…it’s okay to be old-fashioned, just with a modern twist.

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Saturday I spent the afternoon with 2 little girls I’ve watched grow up.  Tanner and Grace are the precious angels of our good friends, Dana and Robin. They own Bulldog Deli and part of the Sweet Peppers Deli phenomenon reaching across the Southeast these days!

Anyway, SB and I gave Grace a gift certificate to Dandy Doodlez – a paint your own pottery place – for her birthday. I really wanted to take her while she painted. So Saturday was the day.

We spent about 3 hours in that place while the girls each painted 2 items. I was content to just help when needed until Tanner begged me to paint my own thing. It didn’t take much arm twisting, although I think we’ve covered the fact in a previous blog that I am no artist.

So I skipped walked up to the shelves and picked out a little vase to paint and I went to town.  I painted the inside a pea soup green and the outside a deep red.  Or at least I hope it comes out red and not the pinkish color it was after it dried.  Then I really got to feeling artsy, and I stenciled the letter B on the front.  I know, you think I’m something, don’t you?!

All I can say is I sure hope it turns out like I’ve envisioned it in my mind and not as much as I fear it will turn out.  Coloring outside the lines is one thing, but when you paint pottery outside the lines, it turns out to be a big mess.

So here’s to painted messes…

If anyone offers free lessons, I will surely jump on board!!

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