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When I was in college, one of our sorority sisters announced one morning at breakfast that her mother had always told her, “One is not considered a grown up until she learns to drink coffee.”  Well, I made it through college and a good part of my early adult life without drinking or liking coffee.  That is until I discovered french vanilla and hazlenut and all the other wonderful flavors that make coffee a great warm drink, and I learned to LOVE coffee! Until.

I learned my brain gets addicted to caffeine.  Surely you all remember from an earlier post that I cannot drink coffee now. 

And now I’m faced with the question, “Am I really still a grown up?”  Crazy, I know.  But now I’ve realized that one is not really considered a grown up until she’s actually made a Thanksgiving dinner!

I’ve never had to do that before because we’ve always gone to relatives’ homes and taken a dish here or there. So I’ve never baked a turkey or made dressing!

But today… I’m officially a grown up in my own right.  I’m 39 years old and have reached that milestone!! Today I made dressing – it’s my mother-in-love’s recipe… very simple but very yummy and it reminds me of my grandmom’s dressing she used to make.

The twist here is I have 2 dogs that stay in the house with us and just a little while ago, I took them on their afternoon walk and Sadie had trapsed through a muddy ditch.  (I promise I’m getting back to the dressing) So when we got back to the house, I let Lily in and marched Sadie to the outside hose to wash off her paws.  It took all of 1.5 minutes!

I got back in the house and noticed “someone had been eating my porridge”!  Oh, and I forgot to tell you that I fried some bacon to sprinkle on top of green beans for tomorrow as well and it was cooling off next to the dressing.  When I realized a tongue had made its way into my dressing, I turned around and saw Lily just sitting there with her ears tucked back.  Poor thing. I couldn’t get mad at her, she just wanted a sample too.

But I thought I’d share the finished dish with you – complete with a tongue impression!


Notice the crumbs off to the side.

I thought I was officially a grown up, but now I have to explain to my family how my dog ate the dressing! No extra credit for me!! 

But Happy Thanksgiving to ya’ll.  From my dressing to yours!


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Well, I’m cleaning out some computer files and of course, I got side-tracked by pictures of my 4-legged babies. They’ve grown up to be the best dogs in the whole world – except of course when they run off from me and when they eat things in the woods they’re not supposed to.  But those moments are few and far between.  Let me show you what I mean:

So – there you have them. My 2 girls in all their precociousness.  They bring us sheer delight, ya’ll. Because when I come home and have those 2 tails wagging at me and then they pile up in my lap when I sit down, life doesn’t get much better than that. It’s unconditional. It’s pure and true puppy love.

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A good friend of mine’s Golden Retriever is my Sadie’s boyfriend.  “Yancey” hasn’t been doing so well this week and we’re not sure of the final outcome as to Yancey’s quality of life. But bless him, he IS about 15 years old.  So, it’s a little bit of an uncertain day, because he’s a good dog…and Sadie will miss her friend- if the time comes to say goodbye.

But the turn of events has gotten me to thinking about all the heartstrings I have wrapped around my two loves, Sadie and Lily.  You’ll find I often write talk about them like they’re my children.  And that’s because, well, they are.  And we’ve invested a pretty penny or two in these dogs.  Like the time when Sadie was a puppy and she continously got yeast infections …in her ears.  And the puppy pyoderma.  And the time when Lily’s tail went so limp for two days she couldn’t even lift it to go potty.  We thought it was broken but she just had some inflammation at the base of her tail from when it accidentally got closed in the door.  THAT was not my fault.

Then there was the time they were boarded at the Vet School while I had my hysterectomy and someone forgot to latch their run.  I woke up on Sunday morning after having a dream they escaped from the Vet School and dreamed someone found them running down a main thoroughfare in our town trying to get home.  It could’ve been a scene in Homeward Bound.  Later that evening a neighbor from the front part of our neighborhood called and asked if our dogs were missing.  My heart sank immediately, but after a few frantic moments of telling them specific characteristics to look for, we determined these dogs they found were not Sadie and Lily.  Whew.

I called the Vet School on Monday morning and that’s when I found out that someone had forgotten to lock their run and found my 2 girls roaming the halls of the Vet School.  My maternal instincts were spot on in my dream… and I only have 2 legs.

We finally invested in allergy tests for Sadie a couple of years ago and she’s allergic to 14 different things like black ants, oak trees, and various other outdoor ornaments that decorate our 5 acres.  So she gets allergy shots every 3 weeks.  And she dines on Eukanuba…er… I mean, Iams (they bought Eukanuba recently)… Fish and Potatoes.  It’s a hearty meal for that girl and quite expensive stuff, but it seems to help with her allergy-prone self like no other dog food has.  Lily eats Science Diet Light Adult Formula with a teaspoon of Metamucil sprinkled on top because she has always been a little on the constipated side.  And I promise…it started LONG before she began “Hoover-ing” up acorns like a cow eats grass.

I won’t even go into detail about how Lily ate the toes out of my brand new New Balance tennis shoes when she was a puppy or how she peed all over (my very expensive) THE ONLY PERFECT rug in my dining room that took the rug professionals washing it two times before the smell came out!  Or how Sadie went out one morning and lapped up some cooking oil SB used the night before and had forgotten to cover up…and she came in and let it all out all over my kilim rug from TJ Maxx.  Or how she ate an entire chocolate pound cake my mother-in-love baked and delivered to our house and set on top of the counter.  There were chocolate paw prints in the kitchen that revealed her snack attack.  Otherwise, I would’ve never known the cake had been there at all!

If you ask me, I’ll just tell you about how much they make me laugh. How they’ve licked away my tears time after time. How they keep my feet warm and how my heart soars when I watch Sadie’s ears flying in the wind while she hangs her head out the side of my 4Runner.  I’ll tell you story after story about why they’re the perfect dogs for us even though my Lindhaus vacuum cleaner might beg to differ.  I hear Dyson has a vacuum cleaner specifically designed for pet owners… hmmm….now THAT would be a tale to tell.

I’ll tell you stories of watching them be nose to nose with the deer that frequent our 5 acres and making them take a shower with me in the winter time because the water hose water is way too cold for my furry angels.  So in case you’re wondering how I really feel… I love those 2 furry angels and if I had it to do all over again..I would so do it all over again.

It’s time for an afternoon walk and an acorn snack.  WOOF, WOOF!

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