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Edited Note: Um… I just realized I forgot to actually LINK this to BooMama’s site yesterday! So I’ll wait to add another blog for another day – just in case I get some people popping over!! Honestly. I wonder about myself at times!

It’s my first time to be on the BooMama’s Tour of Homes. And I’m kinda excited. I took all my pictures last night. But waited until this morning to post. Why? Because well, I just did. But it looks like I”ll be something posting #300-something and I like high numbers!!!  So here goes: Welcome to our 5-Acre Woods -inside the home, of course, because nothing screams lack of Christmas cheer like a bunch of leaves that haven’t been blown yet!  I’ll spare you the details.  It’s quite embarrassing. Enjoy my little rendition of the tour.  I’m posting a favorite recipe of December Cider later – so maybe you’ll come back for a visit!

‘Twas the nights before Christmas and I worked through rains and fogs

to make our home look like the Season and didn’t even disturb the dogs.


The greenery how cheery, the deer at peace….


But the manger scene is missing the Holy Family – good grief!


But what to my wondering eyes should appear?

A Christmas rabbit rug – Oh, please watch your step, dear!


Your eyes how they’ll twinkle, your lips how it will smile

when you notice our collection of Byers’ Choice Carolers – they’ll welcome you for awhile.


Fall into our pillows with a cup of hot tea,


You might even watch a Christmas movie with glee.


Over our bed we wouldn’t know what to do…

without our sign to protect us, “Angels Watching Over You.”


But the best part of this Christmas tour of my home

is the tree full of ornaments, ribbons and lights that are shown.


Merry Christmas, from our home to yours.



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“Rudolph got ran over by a Grandma…hanging out in our yard the other night…”

I’m so blessed to be married to SB. He’s a wonderful decorator of the backyard, of sorts. We have a couple of deer stands hanging in some of our trees – for target practice only, mind you.  You see, he likes to bowhunt – ANYTHING – so we have nothing short of a Cabela’s catalog hanging around our house and in our backyard. If you ever need to see a bow target such as a deer or turkey, up close and personal, feel free to come on over.

For a couple of years now, we’ve had this lifelike deer target standing among a few of our trees. And he’s had his fair share of arrows thrown his way.  And you know, he’s weathered a lot of thunderstorms and squirrels running to and fro around him. In fact, about 3 days ago, I walked right by him in his upright self while I was chasing walking Sadie in the backyard, and thought, “I can’t believe this thing is still in this great of condition.”

The next morning, as I looked out at all the rain coming down, I noticed the deer wasn’t there – or at least I didn’t see him.  Then I looked harder and realized, the deer target was in a pile. On the ground. In several pieces.  And I thought, “Oh my. What in the world happened?”

Here’s what I saw:


I’m hoping Rudolph doesn’t get cold feet about visiting our home this year. ‘Cause I’m pretty sure the rest of the reindeer would have his back if he was unfortunately met with the bully deer that wreaked havoc in our yard the other night.

Fa la la la la!!!

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There’s an unspoken joy about people who share in the gifts of 1) remembering lines from a favorite movie or two or three and 2) reciting those lines in any given moment of life’s bounty, and 3) it’s even better when you’re together and you both just bust out with the same line and the same time for the perfect occasion.

I have two people in my life who share an appreciation for and an art for being available for quoting movie lines from two of the all time greatest chick flicks: Steel Magnolias and Pretty Woman (whoop, whoop, whoop). So I want to give a shout out to Tater Mama and my mama for plenty of laughs, snorts, laughs at ourselves!

SB totally gets this about me and he’s even learned to keep his eyes from rolling too far up and back in his head when he walks through and either of said movies are on the tv for the 786th time – in the same weekend!  But I have to say, without my total dedication to memorizing those lines for such a time that dictates this necessity, I would have (and now you all would have) missed out on the opportunity of a lifetime to see it in real time.

Here’s the set up. We went to eat at a hibachi grill with some friends and outside the restaurant was a nice little water feature.  In a moment of complete humiliation to me, SB jumped up onto the water fountain to have his picture made and this is what I captured:


So when SB realized something had gone terribly wrong… oh so terribly wrong, he jumped off and you can see for yourself what one great movie line can do in a moment’s notice.  Everyone… say it with me:


“It was so good, I almost peed in my pants!”  I love my man. Truly, I do.

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