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A lot has happened

Do you ever wonder where time goes? I’ve been asking myself that since my last post… Friends, it’s been way too long and I’ve missed you all.  So much has happened and I felt during December that I needed a break from blogging. Not that I was some master blogger, but it was consuming a lot of my time I needed to focus on some other things.  But, I’m back, and I hope you will oblige me and follow me around a little more. 

Just so you’ll know, you need to stay tuned because there WILL be some changes to this blog in the very near future and you wouldn’t want to not be in the know, now would you?

Just for kicks I will do a little listing of things I’ve been up to since we last met in bloggy world:

1. Celebrated Christmas

2. Celebrated New Years

3. Celebrated Easter

4. Interviewed for 3 jobs, of which I landed one.

5. Traveled to Mexico and returned on the same day as the BIG swine flu outbreak hit the media.  We didn’t get sick, thankyouverymuch.

6. While in Mexico became the 14th woman to have completed a world slam of harvesting all 6 wild turkeys in the world. Yes, the things we do for love… I will be posting more about that, so stay tuned….lots of fun things to laugh about.

7. Decided I needed bangs again so I could be fashionably in style…it doesn’t happen a lot, so be impressed.

8.  Have walked Sadie and Lily about a million times since December…and cherish every minute I get to do it.

9. Have hired some workers to make some repairs to our home.

10. Accepted a job based out of Nashville and have commenced to burning up the highways between here and there because my home is still here and my work is there…makes for interesting times. More on that later too.

There are many more moments I plan to share with you – just know I’m thrilled to be back to writing – the walls are coming down again, thank you Jesus!

Tomorrow I head out to Charlotte for a wonderful conference, She Speaks hosted by Proverbs 31 ministries…I simply cannot wait to share about the experience, especially since I’m planning on getting a big Chi-O hug from a former college friend named BooMama!

Peace out, my friends. Peace in your hearts.


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