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The sun is out – brightly, I might add. I actually deposited money today instead of withdrawing it. I stocked up on groceries with everyone else in our town.  And the hummingbirds are flying crazily around my french doors.  They’re a little small, but check them out below:

Could be because I got generous yesterday and added some new sweet, red nectar to their little feeders. And they’re going berzerko chasing each other away and plopping down- ever so gently-on the little red plastic perch.  I think they’ve all gained 8.5 oz of water weight since yesterday!

It’s truly quiet here. The dogs sweet love furry angels are at the kennel with their favorite sheep for a couple of days and SB is headed with a friend to a football game.  And, well, I’m here by myself just absorbing it all, soaking it in like the hummingbirds.

It’s been awhile since I’ve been by myself. Not that I mind it, but for some reason today, it’s peculiar to me. Maybe the quiet before the storm. 

Perhaps I should set about busying myself the way the hummingbirds are.

I’m off to find some food.  That would be for me.  BZZZZ. BZZZZ. BZZZZZ.


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OK. Ok. So I have a lot of catching up to do in blogging.  So much has been happening over the past couple of weeks and it will take awhile to digest it all, but the best thing for me is to tell you about Waldo.

Monday and Tuesday of this week, I was in Meridian, MS as a guest speaker at Anderson Hospital. I had the privilege of working with some wonderful office managers and staff there and I must say, they are some mighty fine folks! Dedicated to the cause, team players, and all around fun to be with.

Tuesday afternoon I was honored to have a book signing at the Anderson Cancer Center and met some fantabulous people. It was quite a privilege for me this week to be able to share myself and my story. I never get tired of doing that.

While in Meridian, I got some R&R time with my friend, Jeana B., who coordinated the whole shindig for me. I stayed with her and I LOVE ME SOME JEANA! She and her husband, Bo, have 6 horses and at least 34 dogs.  No kidding.  Can you imagine all the dog food? But there were all shapes and sizes and puppies galore.  The most amazing thing??


She’s an 11-year-old black lab who is the sweetest thing in the world but ya’ll – she is worn out. You know why? Heaven help us – that blessed dog had her 2 puppies 4 weeks ago.  One made it and the other is in Heaven now.  But the golden furball that pattered around the screened in porch… well… let’s just say – he STOLE my heart while I was there.

I think his mama is a superstar! She took the best care of him. It made my whole trip – to see that miracle puppy…

And Waldo was his name-O.

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I think there’s something to this “caffeine-addiction” and resetting my brain receptors thing.

Today is the first day I’ve woken up without a headache. I’ve made it through 4 days, ya’ll! Trust me, it hasn’t been pretty, but today… well…I can say of the pain I’ve had… it WAS in my head but now it’s not. 

And that’s a milestone. A true blessing. 

Caffeine Free? Bring it on…this mountain ain’t nothin’ for a high stepper!!

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It’s true.

In no disrespectful way, I’ll be mourning in the morning.  As SB stands over our BRAND NEW coffee pot savoring the yummy smell of coffee and pouring up his cup o-joe, I’ll be standing in the wings… mourning the passing of a ritual that began about 6 six years ago.  That’s when I officially began drinking coffee in the mornings. 

But we’ve reached a dearly departed state.  My family doctor has concoted an experiment for me, which has to do with getting my migraines/cluster headaches/barometric pressure headaches under control. His theory is (and I believe he is much smarter than me but can’t possibly understand the depths of where I’m sinking here) for me to quit caffeine cold turkey for 2 whole weeks.  Something frivolous like retraining my brain receptors sans caffeine.  If it works, I won’t have to go see a neurologist.  I’m digging deep, people. I mean, ring banging, look-me-in-the-eyes, I’m digging deeeeeeeppppp!

Yep.  Cold turkey. 2 weeks. No caffeine.

I believe coffee is an acquired taste because it took me quite a few years to work up the nerve to drink the stuff.  And it’s not just the coffee.  Another pressing issue is to eliminate …oh, I can hardly write the words, people.  It’s just too painful.  I have to give up chocolate.  Sniff.

Zilch. Notta. Nothing.  SB almost fell out when the non-chalant powerful suggestion came and he gasped, “Dr. P! Chocolate? Are you sure? Asking a woman to give up chocolate is like asking a man to give up sex!”

Oh. Yes HE DID!

So friends, please pray for me.  That the mourning will not be so hard and Mr. Coffee will forgive me for not spending as much time with him.  And that I won’t have to chase SB through the house.  If you know what I mean.

Withdrawals are not for the faint at heart, my friends. I’m expecting a BIG star on my chart at the end of 2 weeks.  In the meantime, you can find me, Mr. Coffee, in the Maxine section of the card store.

Misery loves company.

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So when you read BooMama, you begin to understand several life altering rules:

  1. You can’t be uninspired by her blog to remember something funny in your own life.
  2. You HAVE to keep the hilarity going.

So, in the interest of blog-land antics, BooMama, I see your Monkey story and raise you 12 bananas!  Here goes.

You may have picked up in my “About” section that SB is just a “little outdoorsy”.  Well, maybe you haven’t read that much about me and you may not know much about our life, so I’ll do what any self-respecting Mississippi Girl would do.  I’ll tell you a story.

A couple of years ago, SB decided he’d take me to Mexico to go turkey hunting. Apparently, there are different types of turkeys in Mexico – 2 types to be exact.  And SB has a plan for me… to “harvest” all 6 types of turkeys in the world.  Note that it is not on my top list of must-dos like skydiving is (shout out to Tater Mama), but, friends, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.  And I gotta do this – for the sake of the hub’s goals!

Anyway. I digress down rabbit trails waaaaay too much.

So, we plan this trip with our good friends, ScottandDawn. Incidentally, their last name starts with “B” too and using their initials like SB and DB might confuse you a little, because the only SB is MY SB!  Oh, yes and DB is our hairdresser (and there’s a story forthcoming later about that too).  So now you know all the players hunters for this story.

After a few scary stares from people in the Mexico airport, we finally got connected with our guide who we NOW think is in jail somewhere in Mexico.  Doesn’t that sound like a contradiction? Jail? Mexico? (I feel sure Grand is raising her eyebrows about now.)   We ended up sleeping in 2 “open air” (thank you BooMama) tents in twin beds.  And by open air, I mean OPEN SESAME.  I distinctly remember having to change my clothes under the covers because there were quite a few seedy eyes at that camp.  Good times, ya’ll. Trust me, it’s no cake walk “living life to the fullest.”

OK. I’ll spare you all the gasping stories of how I shot a bird at 2am in the pitch dark by flashlight, and how I ate cereal with HOT milk, and refused to shower in the oh-so-very-modern-pitched-between-2-trees-and- a-few-plywood-walls shower stall until I couldn’t stand myself anymore.  But one morning, ScottandDawn were out on their hunt and SB and I decided to hang back at camp and listen to someone’s iPod with suped up speakers on batteries!! We ate mangoes, cereal, and some really weird things I cannot remember while we waited for our friends. (I think it’s a mental block like several things on this trip)

All of a sudden, ScottandDawn came rushing back to camp, out of breath and laughing uncontrollably. Of course, I was intrigued because what in the world could’ve happened in the middle of the Yucatan to make them laugh so hard?

Once we cornered them with a let-us-in-on-the-joke-too stance, Dawn started recounting THE story of how they were hunting and things kept falling on them and how they kept hearing these weird screamy noises and how they looked up and saw these monkeys jumping from tree to tree and they were not just something to “ooh and ahh” over like one would think.  Because being in this jungle was no National Geographic photoesque opportunity, people.  I had to dig deep, deep down to stay there.

It wasn’t until the “something” came flying at them again when ScottandDawn realized they were being ATTACKED by these tree monkeys.  And I don’t mean attacked by flying stones or a grimacing bear-type attack.  These monkeys were on a mission to run them out of their jungle home and chased them unrelentlessly by throwing…oh are you ready?….

wait for it…

they were being attacked by the monkey poo.

Oh yes. 

The memories are as vivid to me today as two years ago.  So there you have it.

Two couples. One trip.  Several turkeys.  Hot milk in our cereal mornings. And monkey poo. 

Who gets to enjoy all this stuff?

“Only people who live life to the fullest,” whispered SB as we rode one night in an open-air Jeep thingy in the middle of the Yucatan and were closer to the stars than ever before. Who can resist such a romantic moment?

You heard it here.  Live life to the fullest.

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A spoonful of Cool Whip

The hubs and I are dieting. YIKES! HORRORS! SHUT MY MOUTH!

I cannot believe I’ve been relegated to having to trim fat from this and eat soup instead of that. Can I have someone please lay hands on me? I need endurance. I need discipline. And just when I feel myself handing out the guilt trip ticket to stay on task, “Oh! I can’t resist. It’s calling my name,” I told SB.  I need… Cool Whip. 

Call me crazy, call me self-sabotaging… but just get outta my way when I am scoopin’ that spoon down in the brand new, un-spooned, tub-o-cream! It’s one of my favorite things to do. In fact, it ranks up there with squeezing the toothpaste tube smack dab in the middle after my precious OCD SB has spent twenty nine minutes running his toothbrush up the tube of said paste to get it all squished together.  It drives him crazy. And I just laugh. Not in a taunting way, mind you, just in the “I-know-I-shouldn’t-do-it-but-it-feels-good-to-live-out-loud!” kinda way!

So, friends-of-mine, I did it. I broke open the package of Cool Whip. Stuck my spoon in and I love it SO much, I thought I’d share it with you.

Get your own spoon, sisters, I share mine with Sadie.  She LOVES Cool Whip too!

After all, a spoonful of Cool Whip helps the pounds go down.

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OK… so as I begin navigating into the world of blogging, I have tons of questions. Like “how can I get my header to not be tattooed across my husband’s face?” Once I figure this one out, I’ll be a happy camper because…well… my blogging prowess will be in full force… and well… I like things to at least LOOK like I know what I’m doing!

This is it for today. Oh, except to say… I know I can, I know I can.

Toot. Toot.

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