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I sure do love a good plan. Even more so is when the plan seems to, you know, be like jello. It may take a little while and there can be a whole lot of wiggling around during the process. But when it all comes together – it’s finally ready and delicious! And FUN!

That’s how I feel today. After a long period of time with lots of questions, concerns, and uncertainties, my life is beginning to “gel”. And it was confirmed yesterday during a conversation with my dear friend, Murn. (We go all the way back to our freshman year in college. Actually, she’s one of those few folks in life that you’ve known all your life – even though you didn’t. Following me?)

The one thing I know I offer to the world is the gift of encouragement and I never realized how much I’d have that opportunity to impact people’s lives until Murn shared a very personal story with me. When she began talking, it was one of those moments I knew would yield an affirmation, but I had NO idea how much of an affirmation that my life’s journey is meant to encourage more than just me!

Just so you know I’m not tooting my own horn, I want to assure you that I recognize here that anything I’m able to share with others, anything I am or hope to be, is a gift from God. Learning to receive the joy of the gift has been much like trying to “rope jello” but I’ve given up trying to make things happen.

When the timing is right, things just come together. When God’s timing is right, they come together perfectly. As a life and business coach, I am the one cheering on my clients while they wiggle around through life until things just “gel” for them too. As an author, my life’s jello is finally set as well. I invite you to grab a spoon and dig in!


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