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I’ve had the pleasure of meeting some very special people in my lifetime -none of whom I’d never known had I chosen to be a closed off soul. Being fertile means opening one’s heart and one’s life to sharing more than we might ordinarily feel comfortable sharing. It means sharing a new perspective, a new bloom.

Let me introduce you to metrochristianliving.com. Let me introduce you to Marilyn Tinnin, the publisher of the magazine and designer of a beautiful life. Let me introduce you to someone who shares herself so freely and encourages others to do so.

Isn’t that what the garden of life is for anyway? Bloom on, my friends. For when you do, you will encourage others to enjoy your offerings.


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You’ve heard, “Walking after Midnight”, “Walking in Memphis,” and even walking in the rain. Let me introduce you to a dream and another “walk” that’s been nearly 25 years in the making…

To Walk on Fertile Ground” is my first book that tells my story of learning to live with infertility and battling cancer. The seed to write this book was planted in my early teenage years, and nurtured and fertilized through life’s pruning and tilling.

A turn of events in my early thirties plowed my seemingly predictable life into a barren soul that left me devastated. What happens? Well, you’ll just have to read and find out. In fact, you can click here to get your copy.

It’s an easy-read book, but don’t let that fool you. What you will find is a life’s offering of hope and encouragement for anyone who dares to live life to the fullest!

If you’ve had your life’s garden destroyed by heartache, set backs in your job, lost a loved one, felt alone or ever wondered what on earth your life’s purpose even is, To Walk on Fertile Ground will inspire you to live abundantly and will give you encouragement to make it through the next moment, the next day, the next season in your life.

At last…my book has come along and I invite you to walk along with me.

Just for today… live life to the fullest!

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